Additional Charge for Visor Color:
+$25.00 for NVG Snap Shields in Green Glow Occlusion

Expected Delivery:
Ops-Core Customer Service will contact you in 5-7 business days with expected shipment dates - as all orders require manual verification.

Note: System Platforms (Helmets) currently ship in 6-8 weeks while all other items currently ship in 5-7 business days.

Please contact Ops-Core Customer Service at 617.670.3547 if expedited delivery is required.

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$75.00 U.S. Pricing Only
  • Features & Specifications
    • Designed for Ops-Core FAST XP (formerly FAST XP Ballistic High Cut) and LE High Cut Helmets.

    • Attaches to PVS-15 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) to help safeguard the eyes and face from fragments and debris with minimal impact to peripheral vision.

    • Easily integrate with all Ops-Core and Gentex helmet systems.

    • Developed as an alternative to standard NVG rubber eyecups, which compromise situational awareness (as they obstruct peripheral vision) and can lead to fogging of the NVG ocular lens.

    • Available in a Green Glow Occlusion or Clear version.

    • The Green Glow Occlusion version is molded with unique light absorbing dyes that limit the phosphorus green glow that reflects off the face from the NVG tubes, which can also impact situational awareness.

    • Snap on and off without the use of tools.

    • Meet ANSI z87 (modified for this application).

    • Patent Pending


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