Product Advisory for FAST Base Jump Helmet (FAST Bump)*

Product Advisory for FAST Base Jump Helmet (FAST Bump)*



-------- Product Advisory Information for FAST Base Jump Helmet (now known as FAST Bump)* --------

Ops-Core, Inc. announced today that it is offering an impact liner upgrade kit for previously purchased FAST Base Jump Helmets (now known as FAST Bump) to ensure the helmet satisfies the blunt impact protection specification in ACH Specification CO/PD-05-04:2007.The FAST Bump Helmet will continue to be available for purchase according to the revised product specification which is available on the updated FAST Bump Helmet product page.

Testing confirmed that the FAST Bump Helmet meets the BS EN 1385 blunt impact test specification, but not the ACH blunt impact specification. While no customers or users have reported any issues, Ops-Core is offering the upgrade kit to ensure conformance with the ACH specification.

It is anticipated that the upgrade kit will be available in the 3rd quarter 2016.The upgrade kit will be provided and installed free of cost to customers requesting the upgrade.Customers should visit the website for details, which will be posted soon.

For questions regarding the upgrade process, or if you have a current order for the FAST Bump Helmet, please contact Ops-Core Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST at 617-603-2490  to speak with a customer service representative. If after hours, please email us at

To learn more about the FAST Bump Helmet upgrade, read the FAQs. Complete the FAST Base Jump Helmet Upgrade Inquiry Form to process your request for the impact liner upgrade kit.

Ops-Core is continuing to test and evaluate the FAST Bump Helmet and encourages customers to visit, which will be updated as additional information becomes available.

*This product advisory does not apply to any other products.