Mission Configurable Helmet Cover (MCHC)


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  • Features & Specifications
    • The innovative design of this second generation Ops-Core Mission Configurable Helmet Cover (MCHC) offers a simple, cost effective transformation platform, which allows mission specific capabilities to be quickly and easily added.

    • Equipped with mission configured components including the Ops-Core Skeleton One-Hole Shroud, ACH Skeleton ARCs with optional carabineer bungees, and exterior VELCRO® brand fasteners. Components include visors, mandibles, and all types of situational awareness accessories including NVGs, lights, cameras, O2 masks, communication devises, and IFF strobes.

    • Secured to the helmet with a combination of a close-tolerance cover design per individual helmet size; integrated straps with VELCRO® brand loop and hook; and a ballistic bolt securing shroud to the helmet through existing drilled hole in standard U.S. Army ACH helmets.

    • Optional rear flap provides added goggle retention and/or attachment of battery packs.

    • Installed bungee cords reduce rattle/vibration of any attached equipment.

    • Unique design of the hook-and-pile attachment tabs simplifies installation.

    • Fits four standard sizes (SM, MD, LG, XL) of U.S. Army ACH, USMC MICH Type II, and Gentex Low Cut Tactical Ballistic Helmet Systems.

    • Available in Operational Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) (Multi-Cam); other camouflage and solid colors available upon request.


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