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$52.00 U.S. Pricing Only
  • Features & Specifications
    • Customizable weight management system designed to enhance comfort and reduce neck strain.

    • (5) 70g removable weights and (5) elastic pockets.

    • Total weight system is 0.85lbs (385g).

    • Elastic pockets can stretch to fit (2) weights or (1) weight and (1) battery (AA, AAA or 123).

    • Mounts to the rear of the helmet with custom anchors using the existing helmet holes with longer ballistic screws (provided).

    • Rear VELCRO® brand fastener attachment ensures motion free and secure positioning.

    • Chemlight window and the patch with VELCRO® brand fasteners for Glint tape for use with low light IFF.

    • Durable construction.

    • Compatible with Sentry and FAST helmets.

    • Currently available in urban tan, foliage green and black.



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